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OSI Days : Grown to Asia’s #1 Open Source Conference

Open Source India (OSI) is an attempt by the team at Open Source For You magazine in partnership with India’s Open Source community and industry—to bring various stake-holders under one roof. The mission of OSI is simple—to accelerate development and deployment of Open Source in India, and beyond.

Open Source India has grown into one of Asia’s largest events on Open Source. It features various activities and co-located events across 2 full days. ( Keynotes, Tech Talks, Workshops, Expo Booths, Startup Zone, Community Zone, Networking Lunch, Specific Discussions etc)

Every year the conference witnesses 2000+ delegates, 100+ Speakers, 50+ companies,  8 tracks and around 20 workshops and co-located events.

OpenSDS/SODA at OSI Days 2019

OpenSDS/SODA was the Gold Partner at OSI Days 2019. OpenSDS participated actively on both days of the conference through our Keynote session, dedicated SODA Forum – Mini Summit, our expo booth, tech talks, workshop and various discussions. It turned out to be the biggest crowd puller event for OpenSDS. We also had our partner members from Wipro, MayaData, Huawei and Click2Cloud joining in supporting all the activities very actively.


Steven Tan, OpenSDS TSC Chair and VP & CTO of Cloud Solution, Futurewei gave the Keynote on 18th October at the beginning of the SODA Forum. The keynote was titled “SODA: The Path to Data Autonomy”.

In this he introduced SODA Foundation, vision, roadmap and its current state. The session also provided the key reasons on OpenSDS project getting upgraded as a SODA foundation. He explained the need for standardization and an independent foundation for Data Management. The session featured the key members from our supporting organizations from India viz Mayadata (OpenEBS), Wipro, Huawei India and Click2Cloud. Each of them provided their views and importance of SODA Foundation.

SODA Forum

The SODA Forum was a collaborative mini conference on Open Data Autonomy. It was conducted as a half day mini summit followed by networking high-tea. We saw a very good engaging sessions and active participation till the end of the mini summit with an average of 250+ participants. The speakers included architects and developers from OpenSDS, NetApp, SNIA, MayaData, OpenEBS, Wipro, Click2Cloud, Huawei and more. The sessions were highly interactive and the overall feedback from most attendees was positive. The mini conference had a mix of technical sessions, end user case studies, interactive workshops, demos and roadmap discussions.  Delegates learnt about data management challenges, solutions, how to collaborate and contribute to open source project.

6 different session covering various aspects of data management use cases, problems and solutions and one dedicated session to demonstrate features.

The key points:

  • Key Features and Roadmap for SODA Foundation
  • Who can become a member of the SODA Foundation.
  • Various Use Cases and potential of SODA Foundation
  • Talks from NetApp/SNIA, Wipro, Mayadata, Huawei, Click2Cloud and OpenSDS Team

Sessions Details: 

  • Storage & Data Management Challenges & Opportunities :
    • B K GirishKumar, Senior Engineer, NetApp, Technical Council Member, SNIA India
  • Advance Data Management with Kubernetes & more!
    • Sanil Kumar D., Tech Lead, OpenSDS, Chief  Architect, Huawei
  • SODA Solutions Demo
    • Himanshu Varshney, Sushantha Shetty & Shruthi M.N., Developers, OpenSDS
  • Building Cloud Native DataOps pipeline using OpenSDS
    • Kiran Mova, Chief Architect, MayaData
  • Multi-cloud extension for Storage Management
    • Rupal Shirpurkar Business Head (APAC Region), Click2Cloud
  • Data Management in Hybrid Cloud – A real use case perspective
    • Soumik Ghosh, Storage Architect , I&ES Wipro technology

The SODA Forum witnessed active participation from the audience and also distributed many SODA Foundation swags during the sessions.

Expo Showcase Booth

Our expo showcase booth was just at the entrance and saw crowded both days. We recorded 400+ visitors along with some active discussions on SODA Foundation and its roadmap. Provided continuous scroller on SODA Foundation introduction and also a demo of  key features like Basic Data Management, MultiCloud, Telemetry & Anomaly Detection, Automation & Orchestration. Booth was the key contact point for any information on SODA Foundation and how to join and contribute to this Linux Foundation initiative throughout the 2 full days. Delegates got a chance to interact with OpenSDS developers, end-users and contributors and learn. We had members from Wipro, MayaData & Huawei at the booth to help the visitors to get any information about SODA/OpenSDS.

The booth saw huge turnout from tech-enthusiasts, industry experts and students who were keen to know the future of data management. They also shared their experiences and provided valuable inputs.

Hands-on Workshop

Data and Data Management are a critical part of any technology trends today, be it AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, Docker/Containers, Edge Computing and so on! This workshop was a detailed hands-on on Intelligent Data Management features. The session also covered setup from scratch,  usage and development. This workshop enabled the attendees to understand/develop and contribute to data management features like data/storage provisioning, multi-cloud, orchestration, telemetry, anomaly detection, data migration etc. This session also gave a recap on open source, how to contribute & grow, with a basic hands-on. Around 30-40 Open Source enthusiasts actively participated. Members from OpenSDS (Joseph, Pravin, Ashit, Neelam, Sushanta & Sanil) facilitated the sessions in the workshop.

Tech Talks (in Database Day Track)

Ashit Kumar and Najmudheen CT, Architects from the OpenSDS team presented on “Telemetry and Anomaly Detection using Prometheus” in the Database Track. The session was highly interactive and many attendees were interested in learning how OpenSDS has implemented Anomaly detection. Audience were keep to know more about the anomaly detection and roadmap for the same in OpenSDS/SODA. Some of the developers showed interest to contribute to this joining the project. 

Partner/Collaboration Meetings

We had very constructive partner meetings on various ways of collaboration with SODA Foundation and its benefits.

Microsoft India : Discussions on developer engagements, India community events and support, SODA Foundation engagements/joining. Open to collaborate more.

Wipro : Started discussions on collaborative development and possibility of adding more teams from Wipro. Wipro will further explore the feasibility of trialing SODA in their solutions. SODA and Wipro project teams can work together on the same.

Click2Cloud: Integration of OpenSDS/SODA with their products, esp with CloudBrain, the multicloud product.

MayaData: Closer engagements and support for SODA Foundation. OpenEBS integration, trials and increasing the usage base for SODA Foundation.

Intel/OCF: Discussed on collaborating with OCF for Edge Domain. Also, support for India community development.

CalSoft : Initiated the discussions. Open for developer contribution and SODA engagement.

University/Students : Discussed on orientation and support to bring more developers to OpenSDS/SODA community.

Startups: Some of the startup showed interest in discussing further on specific features of SODA and explore the engagements.


Media Coverage

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