The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is the primary decision making forum for SODA projects and serves to set the overall technical direction and strategy for SODA.

Its functions include:

  • defining and maintaining the technical vision for the SODA
  • defining SODA project releases and roadmap  
  • overseeing architecture across projects 
  • approving new projects, aligning projects and removing or archiving projects,
  • gathering feedback from End User Committee and mapping to projects,
  • overseeing standardization efforts
  • defining common practices to be implemented across SODA projects.

The TOC Representatives

Rakesh Jain, Co-Chair


STSM and Researcher - Cloud, IoT, Analytics at IBM Research

Sanil Kumar D., Co-Chair

Caze Labs

TOC Co-Chair ,SODA Foundation
Founder & CEO, Caze Labs Private Limited.

Kazuaki Harada

NTT Communications

Infrastructure Engineer and Tech Lead for Product Development, Innovation Center, NTT Communications

Xuewei Chen

China Unicom

Storage Senior R&D Specialist of China Unicom Cloud, China Unicom

Masanori Itoh

Toyota Motor Corporation

Project General Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation

Kiran Mova


Senior Engineering Manager, VMware

John Bent


Senior Director, Seagate

Yusuf Yildiz


Solutions Architect, LinBit

Subhendu Banerjee

Wipro Limited

Storage Architect, Wipro Limited

Keshava Munegowda

Goldman Sachs

Vice president, Goldman Sachs

The Architecture Workgroup Representatives


  • Drive Detailed Architecture and Design for SODA Projects
  • Architecture Guidelines or inputs for SODA Landscape projects
  • Align the technology direction with TOC
  • Propose SIGs for specific domains
  • New Project Proposals
  • Project Level Appointments (Committer, Maintainers …) and sync with TOC

Sanil Kumar D., Lead

SODA Foundation

TOC Co-Chair SODA Foundation

Pankaj Deshpande


IBM India

Yusuf Yildiz


Solutions Architect, LinBit

Kiran Mova


Senior Engineering Manager, VMware

Yusuke Sato

Yahoo! JAPAN

Engineer, Yahoo! JAPAN

Noel McLoughlin

GBE Technologies

SRE, GBE Technologies, Ireland