SODA (SODA Open Data Autonomy) Architecture is getting evolved to realize a challenging goal of building a unified framework for data and storage management. It connects the application platforms and solutions to the backend storages seamlessly, be it on prem or cloud through unified API layer. This enables the application platforms to focus to build more valuable use cases rather than worrying about managing the underlying storage backends and data management.

The key architecture tenets are:

  1. Application Platform agnostic
  2. Unified API for Data and Storage Management, which are scalable and can evolve
  3. The overall platform is microservice based, so as to build data solutions for different use cases and technologies
  4. Future ready-Unified Distributed Data Store
  5. Seamless vendor agnostic storage backends

As mentioned, SODA Architecture is getting refined and optimized for different application technologies, use cases, platforms and storage backends. If you have any comments and inputs, please join us.

Terra – SDS Controller

Terra is an open source storage management and automation project.

Delfin: Heterogeneous Storage Monitoring

Delfin is an open source storage monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Strato – Multicloud Data Management

Strato is an open source tool to control data in multicloud IT environments.

Kahu: Container Data Protection

Kahu is a cloud native tool to backup and restore, perform disaster recovery, and migrate Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes.

Como: Virtual Data Lake

COMO is a multicloud virtual data lake providing a centralized repository with a single common interface for data stored in any public or private cloud.