SODA Multicloud provides a cloud vendor agnostic data management for hybrid cloud, intercloud, or intracloud. The goal is to provide a unified interface to support file, block,and object services across multiple cloud vendors. It can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

For object data management, it provides a backend manager which is S3 compatible APIs to connect with any cloud vendors. Currently, MS Azure, GCP, AWS, Huawei,IBM, Alibaba backends are supported and getting updated with new backends regularly.

It also supports Ceph backed to enable on-prem. China Unicom has integrated their YIG project into SODA Multicloud, enabling Ceph to be used as a massively scalable backend object storage.

Basic file service support is added and block support is in pipeline.

The technical team is exploring to extend SODA Multicloud and other key layers of SODA into a distributed data store which can support block, file and object data management across the edge, on-premise, and cloud