SODA Telemetry

This provides the monitoring and alert management. Provides standard interfaces to pull the statistical and health data from the infrastructure (including storage, host, ports etc) to export to the clients for further processing. It also provide a highly configurable alert management system.

Extendable design with thin easy to develop exporters to interface telemetry clients to pull the monitoring data for further processing. It can also be exported to machine learning workflows to do AI and build intelligent telemetry. SODA has a reference implementation through SODA Anomaly Detection Project.

Currently we support exporters for Prometheus, Kafka and sample for a third party client.

SODA Orchestration

In a distributed environment, the business processes consist of several interconnected steps which may require streamline the process. SODA Orchestration provides orchestrating these processes to ensure accurate and faster execution with minimal manual intervention. The Orchestration framework provides flexibility to use existing workflows or define customized workflows to get the simplified execution of tasks.

It has a pluggable workflow engine. Currently we used open source StackStorm project. You can integrate any such workflow engines to SODA Orchestration.

SODA Intelligence

It is a reference implementation of intelligent monitoring which can utilize SODA Telemetry, exporter with Kafka (or similar) and a standard ML algorithm.

This is an experimental project with an anomaly detection prototype that can be developed to provide predictive analytics and intelligence.