SODA Dock is a docking station for heterogeneous storage backends! This is where all the different storage vendors drivers for various storage backend models get attached.

The goal is to make most of the protocols and backends supported as close as ‘plug n play’. Currently, each storage backend needs a thin, easy to develop SODA Driver Plugin to connect the storage backend to the Dock. SODA Driver Plugin and Storage vendor driver together it can be called SODA Driver for xxx vendor yy model storage. SODA Driver can support one or more or multiple classes of storage backends.

SODA Dock can interface directly to SODA API or via Controller. However it is recommended through the controller for a complete end to end solution, as it can provide the metadata management, handling multiple dock etc.

The roadmap is to have multiple instance, multi driver docks to support multi-cluster, multi-platform or multi-cloud scenarios in future.