Organizations join SODA because they want to take an active role in supporting the growth and evolution of the SODA ecosystem.

SODA ecosystem:

  • Network with other members of SODA
  • Support the community by helping fund services that SODA-hosted projects rely on
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in the data management and storage space
  • Raise awareness of SODA projects so they can quickly reach critical mass
  • Be part of defining and maintaining the technologies that are at the forefront of the industry

SODA members receive the opportunity to participate in unique, wide-reaching networking and marketing programs. These programs provide a trusted, neutral view of projects being used to deliver real value to customers. Differentiate and be seen as a leader in the data management and storage space.

Value Proposition

End Users

  • Open community support, avoid vendor lock-in
  • Drive roadmap features
  • Network with vendors and other end users

  • Engage end users and participate in POC tests
  • Accelerate solution development
  • Be part of a growing ecosystem

  • Work on newest technologies
  • Collaborate with global developers
  • Get recognition, lead projects

Benefits Of Joining Soda


accelerate development and bring value to organizations with SODA projects

Community Engagement

engage with developers, vendors and end users in our meetings, meetups, and conferences

Brand Recognition

bring awareness to your organization, project, and things that matter to the community and industry

Thought Leadership

participate in our committees and workgroups to drive technical direction and other activities

POC Solution

opportunities to participate in proof-of-concept (POC) solution testing where vendors and end users work together closely

Presentation Opportunities

opportunities to speak and showcase at SODACON, SODACODE and other SODA events


publish whitepapers to share ideas and innovation, and gain first-hand insights from industry surveys

Press Release

press release announcement when joining SODA and possibilities of mentions or quotes in other SODA press releases


free tickets and discounts for sponsorships and to SODACON and SODACODE

Why Organizations Join Soda

“Connected vehicles on a street would generate significant volume of data, … We expect that SODA Foundation would be the best place to seek the solution of our future issues, and we would be happy to collaborate in the Foundation with many people who have the same issues.” 

Kenichi Murata, Project GM of Connected Strategy, Toyota Motor Corp.

“We will work with SODA to solve the container storage management challenges in cloud-native scenarios from now on. Hope to see more pioneers of the financial industry join SODA and join us to improve the innovation and development of open source technology in the global financial area,”

Zhan Shu, Fintech Platform GM, China Construction Bank.

“Managing the data coming from heterogeneous sources and formats is an interesting problem along with the regulatory requirements. SODA foundation attempts to address these challenges in an open manner which would help companies build reliable AI enabled solutions,”

Rakesh Jain, STSM & Researcher, IBM Corporation.

“Storage silos in our services make a barrier among customers and the services. The barriers like individual storage software/API have hindered not only us from managing our services, but also customers from utilizing their data across the services. We’re expecting SODA to help service providers and customers overcome the barrier by using an open data management platform,”

Kei Kusunoki, Storage Architect, Innovation Center, NTT Comms.

“We’re eager to contribute to the SODA Foundation. The technical and community momentum is impressive. Seagate’s participation can have a deep impact on the future of data storage and management, both for our customers and the industry at large.

Kenichi Murata, Project GM of Connected Strategy, Toyota Motor Corp.

“We think the openness of SODA project is great. … In Wo Cloud Summit 2019, we have witnessed the launch of SODA in China with many other partners. In the future, we will bring more friends into this community and make more innovations together.”

Zhong Xin, CEO, China Unicom Wo Cloud.

“Collaboration between adjacent communities working on open infrastructure is essential …. The innovative data storage solutions developed at SODA Foundation are an important part of this landscape, so we are excited to join as an associate member of SODA Foundation, and we are excited that SODA Foundation joins as an associate member of the OpenInfra Foundation”

Thierry Carrez, GM, OpenInfra Foundation

“Being part of the SODA foundation will not only enable us to innovate in this space and deliver cloud-and-vendor agnostic solutions for hybrid cloud data management, but also give us a platform to connect and collaborate with like-minded members for thought leadership and industry best practices,”

Supriyo Das, Vice President, I&ES Wipro.

Communities Around The World

EUROPE – KubeCon Barcelona 2019

CHINA – KubeCon Shanghai 2019

JAPAN – CloudNativeDays Tokyo 2019

INDIA – Open Source India, Bengaluru 2019

How To Join?

The success of SODA is due to the contributions and support of the developer community and member companies. Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the SODA ecosystem, its use cases, and applications.

If your company or organization would like to join SODA or receive more information, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.