What is SODA Foundation?

SODA Foundation is an open source project under Linux Foundation that aims to foster an ecosystem of open source data management and storage software for data autonomy. SODA Foundation offers a neutral forum for cross-projects collaboration and integration and provides end users quality end-to-end solutions.

What is SODA?

SODA is an open source unified autonomous data management framework for data mobility from edge to core to cloud.

Current Focus


SODA enables seamless data tiering, replication, migration, and archiving to the cloud using a common S3 interface with multi-cloud support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and other local S3 object storage such as Ceph


SODA uses snapshots to provide efficient data protection and instant recovery. Using data protection policies, snapshots can be programmed to be taken at intervals, and can be replicated to different storage, or to the cloud for disaster recovery


SODA combines different storage resources on-premise, and across multiple clouds to build tiers. Using data lifecycle policies, data that meets the lifecycle conditions is moved to the next tier, allowing data to be stored efficiently throughout their lifecycle 


SODA abstracts multi-vendor storage and offers block, file and object storage  services, monitoring, and more that work natively with Kubernetes, VMWare, and OpenStack. SODA can be easily extended to support other application frameworks.


SODA provides persistent storage to Kubernetes stateful workloads with the SODA CSI driver. SODA consolidates multi-vendor storage backends into storage pools for dynamic provisioning. We are working on allowing cloud native storage to be plugged into SODA with their CSI drivers so , reducing complex multi-driver management


SODA is working to offer a common data governance framework from edge to core to cloud to meet the needs for data regulations. This framework will provide, access control, data security, data retention, key management, etc. for data at rest and data in flight. We are looking for data governance and security experts to join us in this effort.


SODA is working to support data orchestration for IoT, big data, machine learning and other popular application frameworks, across different backend storage, and multiple clouds with a distributed data store.  We welcome developers who are interested In working on this project.


Data energy is a new area of focus which tries to profile, analyze and optimize the energy consumption for data management. We envision data energy to be a key ROI and a competitive parameter for data solutions. SODA community has identified this for  standardization to bring about energy efficient data solutions.



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