Student Challenge

The Student Challenge is open until Sunday, September 17.

Join us on this thrilling journey of data innovation. Let’s redefine possibilities with data ! To join the Student Challenge, you need to follow the processes and rules as below.

  1. Share on social that you will be attending the event – showing a screenshot of your attendance confirmation and tweet it tagging SODA  Foundation/ME
  2. Choose one of the topics in the 2022 SODA Data and Storage Trends Report
  3. Read the section of the report that focuses on you
  4. Write down all of the words/concepts you don’t understand in the SODA Data Vision template
  5. Find answers
  6. Write a tweet saying “did you know that?” Attend SODA Data Vision if you want to learn more!
  7. Find a real world example of that technology being used
  8. Create a slide deck using a template provided by us
  • Problem/pain point
  • Trend mentioned in report
  • Explain trend in more details showing real world example
  • Call to Action –  Attend the event!
  1. Record the talks (5 minutes long)
  2. Share your talks
  3. Best talk wins!


Participate in Student Challenge at SODA Data Vision and get an opportunity to win amazing prizes valued USD 2500+ in total ! Student Challenge prizes are sponsored by SUSE Software Solutions and CloudYuga.Guru.

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