SODACON brings together adopters, developers, and practitioners from different companies and industries to share, explore and collaborate openly. Engage with leaders from SODA projects and ecosystem participants, end users, as well as other key open source projects such as Kubernetes, as we set the direction for the autonomous data management ecosystem.

We will have speakers from CNCF, SNIA, JDSF, IEEE, CCICI, NTT Communications, China Unicom, Fujitsu, Yahoo! JAPAN, Intel, Microsoft, China Mobile, LinBit, Scality, Click2Cloud, Sony, MayaData, Walmart Labs, Toyota, Huawei, Futurewei, Wipro, IBM, Accenture, Seagate and more…

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Schedule & Agenda

San Francisco

Dec 9, 2020 9:00PM-2:00AM

Dec10, 2020 9:00PM-2:00AM

New York

Dec 10, 2020 12:00AM-5:00AM

Dec 11, 2020 12:00AM-5:00AM


Dec 10, 2020 2:00PM-7:00PM

Dec 11, 2020 2:00PM-7:00PM


Dec 10, 2020 1:00PM-6:00PM

Dec 11, 2020 1:00PM-6:00PM

New Delhi

Dec 10, 2020 10:30AM-3:30PM

Dec 11, 2020 10:30AM-3:30PM


Dec 10, 2020 5:00AM-10:00AM

Dec 11, 2020 5:00AM-10:00AM


DAY 1 10 Dec, 2020

Anvith KS

Steven Tan

Anjaneya “Reddy” Chagam

Yoshiya Eto

Yuji Yazawa

Zhong Xin

Dr Zia Saquib

Ryan Lian

Lawrence Lai

Tathagat Varma

Shane Wang

Wei Luo

Ravi Sudhakar Kambhampati

Ichiro Shimada

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Ashit Kumar

Najmudheen CT

Noel McLoughlin

Saurabh Gupta

Sushantha Kumar

Mohammad Asif Siddiqui

Raffle (Chance to win some amazing gifts!)

Zheng Liang

Fangchen Sun

Paul Speciale

Nicolas Trangez

Xiaocui Lee

Yusuke Sato

Rei Kawai

Sunil Govindan


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DAY 2 11 Dec, 2020

Anvith KS

Steven Tan

Kei Kusunoki

Jin Deng

Xion Lai

Yousheng Wang

Keynote : Data and Storage Ecosystem Opportunities and Need

Richelle Ahlvers

Cheryl Hung

Chengappa M.R

Sanil Kumar D

Jean-François Marie

Krishna Kumar M

John Bent

Shashidhar Soppin

Ecosystem Projects for Data Management Challenges

Yusuf Yildiz

Brian Rosmaita

Shuoran Liu

Umasankar Mukkara

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Sanil Kumar D

Kiran Mova

Pravin Ranjan

Himanshu Varshney

Lin Xu

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Data Connected through Standards Organizations

Takagi Tsuneo

Kinya Saito

Prakash Ramachandran

Liyun Yang

Rupal Shirpurkar

Olga Buchonina

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