The Data & Storage Hackathon

Feb-Apr 2022

Coding in open source projects is a great opportunity for a developer to become more proficient. SODACODE2022 is the first coding event by SODA Foundation for beginners and professionals.

From minor bug fixing to complex issues, and new feature development for SODA Projects, you will get to connect, network, and increase your visibility through working with experts in the industry. We have projects in multiple programming languages.

Take your open source contributions to the next level or make your first contribution to open source! Submit Pull Requests (PR) or raise issues on GitHub. Enrich your open source portfolio through SODA Projects.

What more, you can win amazing prizes worth USD6000, contribution badges and certifications. Selected participants will get a chance to share their experience and showcase their code in our final gala event of SODACODE2022 with a large open source community of members and experts across the world.

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