SODACODE 2022 is the first coding event by SODA Foundation for beginners and professionals. 


From minor bug fixing to complex issues, and new feature development for SODA Projects, you will get to connect, network, and increase your visibility through working with experts in the industry. We have projects in multiple programming languages.


Take your open-source contributions to the next level or make your first contribution to open source! Submit Pull Requests (PR) or raise issues on GitHub. Enrich your open-source portfolio through SODA Projects.


What more, you can win amazing prizes worth USD 6,000+, contribution badges and certifications. Selected participants will get a chance to share their experience and showcase their code in our final gala event of SODACODE 2022 with a large open-source community of members and experts across the world.

Benefits of SODACODE 2022 Participation


A perfect opportunity for networking with coders who have the same interests and skills as you.

Join us on SODACODE Slack and communicate with your fellows anytime & anywhere!

Winning a prize

SODACODE 2022 champions will take iPhone 13 Pro home for your very own ideas!

6000+ USD worth prizes for beginners and professionals to win.

Contribution Badge

Get awarded by SODA community. Show your achievements and receive credit for your contribution.

Participation Certificate

All participants get a certificate as award to show appreciation from SODA. It is a symbol for you satisfactorily completing the program.

Enhance Technical Expertise

Best way to advance your skills, experience and portfolio by collaborating with peers and experts from different organizations of the globe.

Sharing Experience

SODA provides various topics from different themes of projects.

It is a great opportunity to share your expertise, hear from the industry tech leaders and enhance your knowledge.

Giving back to the community

It is an event open to hackers, all over the world.

Technology solutions are built to be scalable resources that will support projects in the community.

Having fun

SODA offers food and beverages for participants when you team up for projects.

It is not a competition. Meet the mind-liked peers, win prizes, and have fun!

Evaluation & Review Committee

SODACODE 2022 evaluation and review committee comprises of technical experts and project maintainers from the respective projects and SODA Foundation.

Timeline of Important Dates

Participating Projects


SODA ODF includes MultiCloud, Delfin, Dashboard, Installer, API, Controller and Dock.

SODACODE Project joining is just opened!

More projects will be added to SODACODE soon.

Stay tuned.

Themes & Categories

You get to contribute to any of the listed projects of SODACODE 2022 (More projects are getting added!). So you get a chance to work with various technical areas of Data and Storage management and develop code in different languages (Go, Python, Ansible, HTML, JavaScript and more).



Hack or Break : Show your testing skills to find valuable bugs in the projects
Fix Me Now : Bring the debugger in you! Fix the bugs or optimize the code
New Feat! : Have a new feature? Design and develop it for the projects!



Beginners : This will contain the comparatively simpler tasks. Helps you to get your early contributions to open source.

Professionals : This may test your expertise and can be bit more complex problems to solve.

Rules and Guidelines

Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.