OpenSDS at OSS Europe 2019

OpenSDS is the Bronze Sponsor at OSS Europe 2019.

Lyon Convention Centre, Lyon, France

28th to 30th October 2019,  Lyon, France.

Steven Tan

VP & CTO Cloud Solution,


Cosimo Rosetti



Let's Talk about Open Source Collaboration for Data Management and Storage

17:10 - 17:45, 29th October 2019

The data management and storage landscape is full of spot solutions and solution stacks that create data silos. With cloud native, the problem gets worse. The OpenSDS project is an open source community comprising data management and storage vendors as well as end users working to address data management and storage challenges in the cloud native era. We are embarking on a new rebranded project to build an autonomous data platform.

This talk will discuss the about the project rebranding, the governance, development plan etc. In addition, the talk will cover activities to cultivate the developer community, grow the ecosystem, and support end user adoption.

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