OpenSDS at OSI Days Bengaluru 2019

OpenSDS is the Gold Sponsor at OSI Days Bengaluru 2019.

NIMHANS Convention Center, Bengaluru, India

Thu & Fri, 17th & 18th October 2019,  Bengaluru, India.

SODA Forum

The forum will have a mix of technical sessions, end user case studies, interactive workshops, demos and roadmap discussions.

Showcase Booth

Stop by the showcase booth and get a chance to talk to core OpenSDS development team members and also win some goodies.

Hands-on Workshops

Hands-on workshop on how to install and use OpenSDS. Learn how to contribute to open source projects from open source developers.


Watch and listen to OpenSDS leaders speak about SODA foundation, Data Autonomy and Intelligent Data Management with Open Source.

SODA Forum by OpenSDS at OSI Days 2019

15:30 - 18:00, 18th October 2019, Hall 1

Listen to Architects and Developers from:

OpenSDS, NetApp, MayaData, OpenEBS, Wipro, Click2Cloud, Huawei and more.

A collaborative mini conference on Open Data Autonomy

This event is organized by OpenSDS, an open source community working under The Linux Foundation to address storage integration challenges in scale-out cloud native environments. Its vision is to connect siloed data solutions to build a self governed and intelligent data platform.

The mini conference will have a mix of technical sessions, end user case studies, interactive workshops, demos and roadmap discussions. Take back learning on data management challenges, solutions, how to collaborate and contribute to this open source project. Great opportunity for networking.

Lots of swag and some very special goodies to be won!

A Hands-on workshop by OpenSDS

11:15 - 13:30, 17th October 2019, Workshop Room 4

Hands-on with code, how to join and contribute to an Open Source Project.


Data and Data Management are a critical part of any technology trends today, be it AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, Docker/Containers, Edge Computing and so on! In this workshop we will be covering a detailed hands-on on Intelligent Data Management features. The session also covers setup from scratch,  usage and development. We will be taking kubernetes platform as an example through out the workshop for the hands-on (but not limited to).

This workshop will enable you to understand/develop and contribute to data management features like data/storage provisioning, multi-cloud, orchestration, telemetry, anomaly detection, data migration etc. This session will also give you a recap on open source, how to contribute & grow, with a basic hands-on as well.

Some basics that you will need to get working right away at the workshop. Here are a few pre-requisites:

  1. Basic Idea of github (we will give a recap in the session as well)
  2. Basic Programming knowledge
  3. Bring your own device and charger 😉

Workshop Details

  1. Introduction to open source & how to work, contribute and get value – a brief hands-on (15min)
  2. Kubernetes and CSI(Container Storage Interface) learning and use cases. (30min)
  3. Multi-Cloud Data Management and Data Lifecycle (AWS, Azure, GCP, Huawei Clouds) (25min)
  4. Telemetry and MachineLearning/Artificial intelligence in anomaly detection (25min)
  5. Smart workflow management and orchestration for data services(25 min)
  6. Q&A and Tips (15min) 


Each session will be having hands-on & demo.

Workshop Details

  1. Hands-on and familiarity with kubernetes and CSI plugins
  2. Exposure of storage related challenges and solutions
  3. To know how to Join & contribute to open source project, OpenSDS, a Linux Foundation project for Data Management
  4. To know more about open source & how to contribute

Attend Demos, Surprise Quizzes

Answer Questions, Tweet and share on social media

Win some amazing goodies (They're really good!)

Visit our Booth on all days at OSI Days Bengaluru 2019

All Day, Both Days

Come meet the developers, end users and contributors of OpenSDS and discuss your use-cases, how to join and contribute to OpenSDS. Watch demos and interact with the developers face-to-face.

  • Watch OpenSDS in action
  • Talk to End Users
  • Talk to Developers
  • Chance to win some special goodies.


SODA: The Path To Data Autonomy

14:30 - 15:15, 18th October 2019, Hall 1

Steven P. Tan

OpenSDS TSC chair, VP & CTO, Cloud Solution, Futurewei