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Unify Data & Storage Management with SODA One Data Framework

Steven Tan, CP & CTO Cloud Solutions, Storage at Futurewei / Board Chairman at SODA Foundation, Futurewei Technologies

Anjaneya “Reddy” Chagam, Principal Engineer & Chief SDS Architect, Intel’s Data Center Group / Board Member at SODA Foundation, Intel Corp.

SODA’s Open Data Framework (ODF) unifies data and storage management from the core, to cloud and to edge. Steven and Reddy walked the audience through how ODF simplifies Kubernetes storage management, provides data protection for applications, and connects data on-prem to clouds. ODF can also be extended with other SODA projects such as DAOS (a distributed asynchronous object storage for HPC), ZENKO (a multicloud cata controller with search functionality), CORTX (an object storage optimized for mass capacity storage), and others (YIG, LINSTOR, OpenEBS).

Data Protection for Stateful Application: OpenSource Way!

Ashit Kumar, Lead Architect, SODA Foundation / Huawei Technologies.

Currently Stateful Applications contributes to more than 50% of containerized application deployment for enterprises. There are multiple proprietary solutions available but an Open Source Solution, driven by community development, will provide more flexibility to maintaining uninterrupted availability for the containerized applications. Ashit covered data protection for stateful applications in K8S, strategy for developing solutions and what to consider, and looked at a few Open Source solutions like Velero, and how SODA Foundation is creating a community driven development of these solutions.

Data Management Going Beyond Storage Boxes

Sanil Kumar D, Chief Architect, TOC, Arch Lead, Huawei / SODA Foundation

Most of the top storage vendors are moving to storage as a service solution. With more cloud native and hybrid use cases, it’s important to explore all the ecosystem components including open source solutions when building a complete data management solution on top of existing storage capabilities. Sanil covered the overall architecture for a typical stack with key data management, including data protection and monitoring across existing storage infrastructure. This trend is also shaping container and cloud native storage. The talk concluded with a working demo on data protection/monitoring, illustrating how the overall stack works with some of the open source projects.