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SODACODE 2022 – The Data and Storage Hackathon was our first coding event scheduled for developers from all levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. It was composed of the Hackathon (March 1 – April 30) and Demo Days (May 25 – 26).

From March 1 to May 26, it attracted hundreds of open source enthusiasts from all over the world to participate in the event. We had SODA TOC members, SODA community members, and participating project leads to actively support us and the hackers. Eighteen participants won prizes worth over USD6,000. Many beginners and professionals improved their technical skills, made valuable connections with people who shared the same interests, as well as had fun. With the strong support of our sponsors, event partners, media partners, SODA maintainers, and attendees, we managed to make an extraordinary event.


  • Two-month Hackathon window, contributions across the 15 participating projects
  • Conducted 2 in-person workshops in India with 350+ students to participant
  • Conducted 3 online orientation sessions with a total of 800+ attendees
  • 18 winners in both the student professional categories


  • Announced two new open source projects: Kahu and Como
  • Welcomed SoftBank Group as an end-user supporter and key collaboration partner on the Como project
  • Announced the Release of SODA Framework Madagascar v1.7.0
  • Announced 18 hackathon winners in both professional and student categories

Day 1

Day 2

We would like to thank everyone who contributed and supported SODACODE 2022. We look forward to meeting everyone at future events!

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