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SODA India Meetup at IEEE Computer Science Week 2023

Ericsson R&D, Bagmane WTC, ORR, Bangalore, India
30th November, 2023

“Data First, What Next?” symposium, held on November 30th, 2023, as part of the Systems and Software Conclave of IEEE Computer Society Week at #Ericsson Bangalore, was a resounding success. The event attracted an enthusiastic and interactive audience from various sectors. Expert speakers covered topics such as cloud-native data backup and observability, real-life data stories, data quality checks, and managing large-scale data. The panel discussion on “Data Trends Next!” provided valuable insights, and special thanks were extended to all organizers, supporters, and #Ericsson Bangalore for hosting the event. Despite a minor setback preventing Pravin Ranjan from IBM from joining, the symposium concluded on a positive note, fostering knowledge exchange and community engagement within the SODA ecosystem.

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