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1.Keynote and SODA Launch June 29, 2020

    1. SODA Foundation Chair Steven Tan given a keynote on SODA Introduction and its roadmap
    2. Jim Zemlin and Steven announced the formal launch of SODA Foundation under Linux Foundation
    3. Linux Foundation Press Release on SODA Announcement :
    4. Complete press release at our website :
    5. In the keynote, the First Major version v1.0 of SODA – The Faroe release – announced –
    6. Agenda Link :
    7. Watch Online :

2.SODA Speaking Session June 29, 2020 : A New Home for Data & Storage Collaboration

    1. Session on SODA from End Users perspective
    2. Overview of the SODA Projects and its fast-growing global community.
    3. YIG project in detail
    4. Speakers : Kei Kusunoki, NTT; Vivian Zhu, Intel; Yuji Yazawa, Toyota; Yu Zou, China Unicom
    5. Agenda Link :

3.SODA Mini Summit, July 02, 2020 : SODA : One Data Network, Infinite Possibilities

    1. SODA Introduction, Roadmap, Usecases, Architecture, Core projects and Member projects(LinStor, OpenEBS and Zenko)
    2. Speakers : Chagam Anjaneya, Intel; Rakesh Jain, IBM; Sanil Kumar, Huawei Technologies ; Yusuf Yildiz, LINBIT; Kiran Mova, MayaData;  Stefano Maffulli, Scality
    3. Agenda Link :

4.SODA Virtual Booth. July 29 – July 1, 2020

    1. It was a virtual booth where audiences enter and see the main contents displayed.
    2. Chat facility with audiences and SODA Members – discuss to clarify and understand more about SODA
    3. In the booth, the followings were displayed
      1. About SODA
      2. Video collections – introduction, SODA demos
      3. SODA latest release information
      4. SODA documents and links
    4. There was a lucky draw where 30+ members participated. Results announced.
    5. In the booth from SODA different organization members supported : Huawei, Wipro, Click2Cloud, Students
    6. Approximately 100+ visitors to the booth