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Keynote | SODA Forum | SODA Booth

1000+ attendees

100 contributors & 10 organization connects


SODA Foundation was the Platinum Sponsor at OSI 2022. SODA Foundation participated actively on both days of the conference in a keynote, SODA booth, SODA Forum, and talks. Our theme at OSI this year was “From Container To Multicloud.”


Building Container and Multicloud ODF for tomorrow!


350+ Attendees

5 partner organization joined 


SODA Forum

Dedicated SODA Mini Conference on “From Container to Multicloud”

4 Hours | 10 Sessions | 25 Speakers | Quiz and Prizes 

200+ Attendees

SODA Booth

SODA Showcase Booth for Projects and Demos

2 Days | 4 Demos | 2 Live Quizzes | 500+ visitors 

~100 Contributors connected

SODA Tech Talks

Two separate talks on Open Source and Multicloud

5 Speakers | 100 attendees


350+ Attendees | 5 Partner Organizations 

Title: Building Container and Multicloud ODF for tomorrow!


  • Steven Tan, Board Chair, SODA Foundation / VP & CTO Cloud Solution, Futurewei
  • Sanil Kumar D., TOC Co-Chair, SODA Foundation / Chief Architect & Head Data Management India, Huawei

Steven set the context for the event’s theme: “From Container to Multicloud.” Sanil Kumar touched upon the current state of the SODA Foundation, the change in direction, and the need for an open source foundation for Data Management. Sanil introduced the key framework projects by the SODA Foundation: Delfin, Strato, and Kahu. He also talked about the importance of the new projects in the Containers and Multicloud vision. During the keynote, SODA partners from Wipro, CCICI, Huawei, and KJC expressed their views about the state of affairs and their interest in the SODA Foundation.

SODA Forum

4 Hours | 200+ Attendees | 25+ Speakers |
10 Sessions | Lightning Talk | Panel Discussion | Demo

SODA Forum @ OSI Days 2022 was a technical mini summit that brought together industry leaders, developers, and end-users to collaborate and share projects, innovation, and best practices for data management and storage in cloud native, IoT, big data, machine learning, and more. This year’s SODA Forum theme was “From Container to Multi-cloud.”


Our speakers included maintainers, architects, and developers from SODA, Goldman Sachs, Wipro, Layer5, HPE, Huawei, Accuknox, VMWare, Harness, Zeta Suite, Imply, Cisco, Siemens Healthineers, RedHat, Kristu Jayanti College, SJBIT, JSSATE, and more. The sessions were highly interactive, and the feedback from our attendees was positive. The mini conference had a mix of technical sessions, end user case studies, panel discussions, demos, and developer experience discussions.  


There were 10 sessions covering the basics of containers, multi-cloud technology, and deep dive into SODA Foundation projects Delfin, Strato, and Kahu. The panel discussed Industry Trends for Container technology and Multicloud and the opportunities. We ended the day hearing from our community developers how to collaborate and contribute to open source projects.

SODA Booth

2 Days | 500+ Visitors | 4 Demos | 2 Quizzes |
Developer Engagement | Open Source Guidance

Delegates interacted with SODA maintainers, architects, developers, end-users, and contributors and learned about the foundation at our showcase booth. This year the spotlight was on the SODA  projects: Delfin, Strato, and Kahu. 


In the live quizzes on both days at the booth, we asked questions related to our event theme, “From Container to Multi-cloud.” Participants won Amazon vouchers, a limited edition of SODA T-Shirts, and goodies.

SODA Tech Talk (Community): Open Source and You

60+ Attendees | 3 Speakers

Title: Knowing Open Source – The Door to a Global Career


  • P. Sainath Mathur, India Outreach Committee Lead, SODA Foundation / Wipro Technologies
  • Shiva Kumar, SODA Foundation / Huawei
  • Sanil Kumar D., SODA Foundation TOC Co-chair / Huawei

SODA Tech Talk (Data & Bases): Open Source Rocks!

40+ Attendees | 2 Speakers | Demo

Title: Data Management in Container and Multi-cloud Era


  • Mohammad Asif Siddiqui, Maintainer, SODA Foundation / VMware
  • Pravin Ranjan, Maintainer, SODA Foundation / Senior System Architect, Huawei

The session was highly interactive; many attendees were interested in learning how the SODA Strato project was used for data management and mobility. We received inquiries from potential contributors who wanted to join the project.