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SODA Foundation was a Gold Sponsor at the Open Source Summit Japan (OSS Japan) organized by The Linux Foundation on December 14-15, 2021. The virtual conference was attended by almost 430 from 30 countries.


SODA Foundation hosted a virtual booth and did a 50-minute presentation: SODA – An Open Collaboration for Data and Storage.

Presentation Slide

Tomoko Kondo

Senior Technical Manager, Cloud Engineer, Softbank


Kei Kusunoki

Co-Chair of Technical Oversight Committee, SODA Foundation

Infrastructure Engineer, Innovation Center, NTT Communications


Steven Tan

Founder, SODA Foundation

VP & CTO Cloud Solution, Storage, Futurewei


Presentation Summary

Data are assets that enrich yet burden organizations at the same time. The multitude of challenges from data storage to data security, from the edge to the cloud, are forcing end-user organizations to look beyond traditional solutions offered by vendors. Many are turning to SODA Foundation, an open source project under Linux Foundation, which offers a neutral forum for data and storage collaboration and innovation.


Kei Kusunoki and Steven Tan introduced the projects in the SODA ecosystem and how these projects help end-users address their data and storage challenges. Tomoko Kondo of Softbank discussed their data lake use case scenario and shared the blueprint for a data lake project that can address their challenges.

The virtual booth