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Microsoft Reactor, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, India
20th August 2022

An in-person meetup on container data protection by SODA Foundation.
4 Hours | 130+ Registrations | 65 Attendees | 12 Speakers |
5 Sessions | Lightning Talk | Panel Discussion | Demo

SODA Foundation conducted an in-person meetup on 20th August 2022 at Microsoft Reactor, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru. The topic was Container Data Protection Inside Out, part of the “Inside Out” series of meetups by the SODA Foundation.

Over 130 members registered for this event, the first in-person meetup by SODA Foundation in over two years.

We started the day with 65 attendees, hot coffee, and cookies courtesy of the Microsoft Reactor Team. Vivek Sridhar (Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft) and Parth Varu (Event Program Manager, Microsoft Reactor) introduced the Microsoft Reactor program and warmly welcomed us to conduct regular meetups at the space.

Sanil Kumar (Chief Architect, Huawei Technologies; Co-Chair, Technical Oversight Committee at SODA Foundation) followed up with an Introduction to SODA Foundation and its new projects. Sanil set the context for the meetup and touched upon the need for container data protection and the trends in container data management.

In Container Data Protection 101, Amit Kumar Roushan (Senior System Architect, Huawei; Project Maintainer, SODA) explained the basics of Container Data Protection and the need for it.

In between sessions, Anvith KS conducted quizzes on SODA Foundation, Containers, Kubernetes, and more to keep the audience engaged. Quiz winners received T Shirts, chocolates, and vouchers.

The panel on “Container Data Protection: Where are we heading to?” consisted of Amar Prusty (Digital Hybrid Multi Cloud Enterprise Architect), Vishal Tripathi (Technical Architect, Calsoft), Srinivas C.H. (Lead Architect, Huawei), and moderator P. Sainath Mathur (Practice Head of Storage, Industrial & Engineering Services, Wipro; SODA India OC Lead).

Following the panel discussion was a lightning talk on “Running Stateful Workloads on Containers” by Avinash Upadhyaya K R (DevOps Engineer, Hashedin by Deloitte). Avinash detailed how to run stateful workloads on containers and built upon the talk “Container Data Protection 101” by Amit Roushan earlier.

Once the context was set and the audience understood the need for Container Data Protection and the trends, we delved into the details of the Container Backup / Restore & Kahu Project. Sushantha Kumar (Lead Architect & Project Maintainer, SODA Foundation) spoke about container backup and restore scenarios and explained the Kahu project in detail.  

Joseph VP (Lead Architect and Maintainer, SODA Projects) and Pravin Ranjan (Senior System Architect, Huawei; Maintainer, SODA Projects) followed up with Container Data Backup & Restore Demo using Kahu.

There were in-depth conversations among the highly interactive audience on use cases and how to use the Kahu project for their requirements. The participants were a good mix of 60% developers, 25% students, 10% DevOps Engineers, and 5% entrepreneurs. 

The meetu ended with tasty pizzas and soft drinks for lunch.

Sessions and Speakers

The SODA Team