The Open Source Way to Control Your Data Across Multiple Clouds

Zenko is a SODA ecological project introduced by Scality as an Apache 2.0 open-source project in 2017. It provides a multi-cloud namespace (S3 API compatible) plus data mobility policies across on-premises and cloud data storage, and aims to solve emerging problems in multi-cloud data management.

Zenko is an S3 and Amazon S3 API compatible namespace that provides data mobility policies, and allows you to manage your data between on-premises and cloud data storage.


3 Key Use Cases

On-premises to Cloud archiving

  • Offload cold/dormant data to cloud archive service: Azure Cold Storage, AWS Glacier or others
  • Solution: Lifecycle tiering policies – move data based on data age/date rules

On-premises to Cloud data bursting

  • Move data to cloud compute services: AI/ML, analytics, transcoding, CDN, Video indexing and others
  • Solution: replications or tiering policies – based on tags/filters

On-premises to cloud for Disaster Recovery (D/R)

  • Maintain a copy in cloud for disaster recovery and business continuance in the event of site failure or outage
  • Solution: continuous replication to cloud(s) for two copies with low RPO


User Stories

Major US Pharmaceutical Company | Life Sciences | US

The company has lots of genomic data they need to process on prem. The compute and storage solution requires a high-performance file system. They store the data on prem with object store isolation for engineers and researchers to access.

Solution: The company uses Zenko in Amazon to replicate the data from the object store on prem, into a cloud bucket, into S3 buckets, and manages the failback to the on-prem environment if it experiences an outage or needs to be restored.

Bloomberg | Media Network | Global

The firm has lots of video asset data captured daily for broadcasts. They needed a content lifecycle management capability across multiple clouds: storing content on multiple cloud providers, each one for a different region or endpoint, which will provide a higher degree of uptime across these clouds.

Solution: Zenko provided a replication from on-prem to multiple cloud targets simultaneously. They transferred to over 10 to 12 Cloud Endpoints, based on the different geographic regions. They did this for two reasons: one is to provide transcoding services in the cloud; the other is to use the CDN endpoints to deliver content to the end user. By doing so, they also route and eliminate the egress charges from putting everything into one cloud.



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