Any Storage System… Any Payload… Any Time Stamp…

 The SBK (Storage Benchmark Kit) is an open source software framework for the performance benchmarking of any storage system. If you are curious to measure the maximum throughput performance of your storage device/system, then SBK is the right software for you. The SBK itself is a very high-performance benchmark tool/framework. It massively writes the data to the storage system and reads the data from the storage system. The SBK supports multi writers and readers and also the End to End latency benchmarking. The latency quartiles and percentiles are calculated for complete data written/read without any sampling; hence the percentiles are 100% accurate.

SBK can be deployed in distributed nodes using applications SBK-RAM, SBK-GEM and SBK-GEM-YAL. SBK can be executed on the multiple nodes and performance results can be aggregated into one master node called SBK-RAM (SBK – Results Aggregation Monitor).

The design principle of SBK is the Performance Benchmarking of ‘Any Storage System’ with ‘Any Type of data payload’ and ‘Any Time Stamp’, because, the SBK is not specific to particular type of storage system, it can be used for performance benchmarking of any storage system, let it be file system, databases , any distributed storage systems or message queues by adding SBK driver which specifies the IO operations of storage system. you can find the list of supported drivers below. The SBK supports a variety of payloads too, such as byte array, byte buffer, string, and you can add your own payload type. The Latency values can be measured either in milliseconds, microseconds or nanoseconds using SBK.

The SBK is built on PerL (Performance Logger). The provides the foundation APIs for performance benchmarking.