Block Storage Management for Containers

LINSTOR®, developed by LINBIT, is a software that manages replicated volumes across a group of machines. With native integration to Kubernetes, LINSTOR® makes building, running, and controlling block storage simple. LINSTOR® is open-source software designed to manage block storage devices for large Linux server clusters. It’s used to provide persistent Linux block storage for cloudnative and hypervisor environments. 

Some of the Use Cases for LINSTOR®:

  • Persistent Volumes for container orchestrations such as K8s, Openshift etc.
  • Replicated local volume for VM infrastructures for Opennebula, proxmox, cloudstack, xpc-ng etc.
  • Disaggregated storage for any environment with the help of different support protocols such as NVME-oF, NFS, ISCSI, DRBD Diskless etc.


User Quotes:

Josef Grill
CEO, Wedos Internet
“At first, WEDOS set up our own storage architecture, but we found out there was a better answer to our problems. LINSTOR, ThinLVM, and DRBD are now the holy trinity of our current storage solution. LINBIT’s solutions saved and stabilized our situation with industrial standard hardware.”


Manfred Berger
Sr. Business Dev. Data Center Systems, Western Digital
“We’ve recognized that there is a massive demand for storage solutions with more capacity and lower latency. Organisations using LINSTOR with our OpenFlex offering gain the advantages of SDS systems, Linux OS features, and composable hardware so that they have the confidence they need in their Kubernetes environments.”


RK Somasundaram
Principal Engineer, CISCO
 “I chose LINBIT because of the ease with which LINBIT worked with me in developing a demo prototype. During implementation, the LINBIT team demonstrated exceptional technical expertise and consistently went above and beyond.”


Josef Hagler
Managing Director, Porsche Informatik Gmbh
“We opted for DRBD® as a cost-efficient Open Source solution in the field of High Availability clusters. DRBD® ideally supports our IT design, ensuring easy configuration and quick implementation. In contrast to commercial cluster solutions, we could do without expensive storage hardware for our application servers.”


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