The SODA Eco Project Program provides services to projects to help them develop, grow and be adopted by end users. It helps projects join the SODA ecosystem, integrate with the SODA Open Data Framework (ODF), and introduce them to end users and the SODA community.

We welcome independent projects developed by companies as well as projects hosted by open source foundations such as Linux Foundation, CNCF, OIF, Apache etc. and industry organizations.


Launching at SODACON Global 2021


Being a SODA Eco Project increases the willingness of developers from enterprise software companies, start-ups, and independent developers to collaborate, contribute, and become committers. It also gives end users the confidence in adopting the project.

SODA Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) admits and oversees all projects. Projects accepted into SODA by the TOC is an endorsement of your project’s standing in the data and storage industry.

For projects accepted into the program, the existing governance model, trademark ownership, and maintainers (or committers)  stay the same.


  • Endorsement of project by SODA TOC
  • Architecture Work Group representation
  • Guidance on integration with SODA Open Data Framework and other projects
  • End user engagement through POC tests
  • Project showcase on SODA website
  • Presentation opportunities at SODACON, SODA Forums, meetups and more


  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Big Data & Data Lake
  • Cloud Native Storage
  • Cold Storage & Archive
  • Data Energy & Green Storage
  • Data Lifecycle & Optimization
  • Data Protection & Security
  • Edge Data Management
  • File Systems and Object Storage
  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud
  • Storage Management & Monitoring
  • Flash & PMEM
  • other data and storage related projects


  • Project must be or plan to be open source with an OSI approved license.
  • Optional: Membership is not required but recommended to enhance the collaboration effort with the SODA community.


  • Display SODA Eco Project logo on project Github page and website
  • Participate in Architecture Work Group discussions
  • Integrate with SODA ODF where feasible to create solutions for end users


1 Propose

  • Fill in SODA Eco Project Program form with basic info about the project

2 Present

  • Present project. 30mins. 10 slides
  • TOC vote and decide to accept, to have another review, or reject
  • Simple majority TOC votes required for acceptance

3 Commit

  • Project added to SODA Eco project program
  • Display SODA Eco Project logo on project website and github
  • Showcase project SODA website

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