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SODA Lamu Release (v1.6.0)

SODA Open Data Framework (ODF) Lamu v1.6.0 is released with enhanced features for heterogeneous storage performance monitoring.
Lamu release comes with multiple features in Heterogeneous Storage Performance Monitoring(SPM) viz., Historic performance collection, Scheduling of storages to nodes, Failed Task Scheduling and Subclasses of StorageResourceTask. This release has experimental support for Delfin deployment in Kubernetes and SODA installation on Ubuntu 20.04LTS. It also comes with multi-cloud API specification updates and other fixes.
SODA Lamu 1.6.0 can be trialed for heterogeneous performance monitoring and for all other existing features from container data management, on-premise data management, and multi-cloud data management
(Lamu Island is a port, city, and island just off the shore of Kenya in the Indian Ocean)
Lamu: Believe in open-source culture and new hopes for 2022!