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SODA Jerba Release (v1.4.0)

SODA Open Data Framework (ODF) v1.4.0 Jerba Release is designed to simplify Kubernetes storage and data management.
Multi-instance CSI support along with seamless CSI pluggability, consistent snapshot across on-prem to any cloud along in a framework for container data management.
Heterogeneous Storage Performance Monitoring(SPM) has been enhanced with a distributed scheduler for metric collection, new metric additions, host-mapping support and more vendor driver support. Storage Service Plan framework has been added in the multi-cloud, which can abstract the storage backends and provide ability to create custom service plans. Automatic bucket management now supports all major cloud services.

(J release is named after Jerba – a Tunisian island and where Star Wars Episode IV was filmed)

Jerba is ready for POC testing for container data management across on-prem/cloud, heterogeneous monitoring and multi-cloud data management.